Mexico Finca Guadalupe Zaju, Natural



Country: Mexico
Region: Chiapas
Producer: Eduardo “Teddy” Esteve & Family
Process: Natural
Varietal: Marsellesa & Hybrids (H1 & H16)
Altitude: 900-1200 MASL

Flavour Profile: Dried Raisin, Praline, Milk Chocolate, Nutmeg

Beautiful Finca Guadalupe Zaju occupies 310 hectares right on Chiapas, Mexico’s famed ‘Ruta de Cafe’.  This ‘Route of Coffee’ rides along the Guatemalan border, north from the border town of Tapachula, through Mexico’s famed Soconusco region. The route flows past some of Mexico’s most famous farms – including the Fincas Hamburgo and Irlanda. A neighbour of these farms, Guadalupe Zaju is well on its way to helping carry on the region’s (somewhat diminished in recent years) reputation as a location for high quality coffee.
The coffee at Guadalupe Zaju is 100% shade grown (in fact, the farm is Rainforest Alliance, Utz AND Cafe Practices certified). Shade is well-managed and designed to be multi-purpose. Magnolia from Guatemala has been selected due to the fact that it is evergreen and has less leaf fall. 
The farm also takes water – increasingly a scarce resource in previously water-plentiful Chiapas – seriously.  Filtered water fountains run for the workers and aqueducts bring pure water from the springs above for use not just for processing but also for drinking and cooking. Water conservation is also taken very seriously on the farm. Previously, each of the smaller farms had their own mill. The farm has a water treatment plant for all water used during processing and has consolidated operations and process all coffee at a single mill,
where water can be more adequately treated through the mill.
All coffees contributing to this lot are Marsellesa or Hybrid varietals. Marsellesa is a variety obtained from the hybridization of Sarchimor and Caturra. It is sought after for its superior cup quality and its resistance to leaf rust. Mundo Maya (H16 / EC16) is an F1 hybrid from a cross between T5296, a rust-resistant descendant of the Timor Hybrid, and a wild Ethiopian accession “ET01″. The variety is high yielding when planted in healthy soil, with very good quality at elevations above 1,300 metres above sea level. Evaluna (H18 / EC18)
is an F1 hybrid from a cross between rust-resistant Naryelis (a Catimor-type variety) and an Ethiopian landrace accession “ET06“. It is a very high yielding variety at high altitudes. Both Hybrids were developed and distributed by CIRAD & ECOM in the mid-2000s and compose a significant portion of Guadalupe Zaju’s plantations, as they are rust resistant while also displaying exceptional cup profiles.

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