Colombia Popayan Reserve, Decaf



Country: Colombia
Region: Popayan, Cauca
Producer: Multiple Farms
Process: EA Sugar Cane Decaf
Varietal: Castillo, Colombia
Altitude: 1500-2070 MASL
Flavour Profile: Citrus, Brown Sugar, Butterscotch

If you are looking for a tasty decaf coffee, you are here at the right place!

This beautiful decaf coffee is produced by selected farms in the Popayan region.
The coffee cherries is milled in Popayan and transported to Caldas for decaffeination process.

The decaffeination process for this coffee is one of a kind!
The extraction of caffeine is done so by using a natural by-product of sugar cane and water.
The sugar cane process method avoids excessive temperatures seen in other decaffeination processes and therefore,
helps to preserves the natural flavours of the coffee and found to have also enhanced the sweetness of it.
When roasted and it tastes much  like the original, caffeinated coffee.

Beside being able to preserve the natural character of the coffee, the one big advantage of this sugar cane process,
is that this method is developed and is completed in Colombia.
This allows the verticalization of the supply chain, reducing cost of shipping to decaffeination plants in Mexico, Canada or Germany!
In turn, the profits stay within the country of origin and able to offer much more reasonable pricing of decaffeinated coffee.

Tad Coffee works with Cofinet to bring this amazing coffee to you.

Earn up to 6 Tad Seeds.

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